CEDECS-TCBL is an SAS (Société Anonyme Simplifiée) 17 multinational (9 nationalities) and multidisciplinary shareholders; a majority of them has worked in previous projects together and especially in H2020 TCBL project. You will find the list of them below and you can access from here to some of their CVs

CEDECS-TCBL est une SAS regroupant 17 associés de plusieurs nationalités (9) et de plusieurs disciplines dont la majorité a travaillé sur des projets passés ensemble et en particulier dans le projet H2020 TCBL. Vous trouverez la liste des associés ci-dessous et vous pouvez accéder à partir d’ici à certains de leurs CV.

Mrs AILIESEI Caterina (RO), graduate in Textile Technology and Chemistry is an entrepreneur in T&C, founder and General Manager of KATTY FASHION SRL (RO), actively involved in TCBL project

Dr BUYLE Guy (BE), PhD in Physics, is a T&C engineer managing EU research at CENTEXBEL who was actively involved in TCBL project

Mr CONTARGYRIS Athanase -dit Thanos- (FR-GR), Master in Management Sc. (HEC –FR), License Degree in Law is the Founder of CEDECS and President of CEDECS-TCBL. He was a key expert in TCBL project.

Mrs CONTARGYRIS Claire (FR-GR), Medical Dr, Resuscitator, Anesthesiologist of the French Army

Mrs CONTARGYRIS Emmanuelle (FR-GR) is a nuclear industry engineer of AREVA (Framatome), recently retired.

Mr CONTARGYRIS Stéphane (FR-GR) is a lawyer and tax specialist, working as a partner and Head of Fidal’s international strategy. He started his career in 1990 with Arthur Andersen, where he was co-opted partner in 2001.

Mr CONTARGYRIS Théophile Thémistocle Roland (FR-GR), Master in Business (Sorbonne), worked as trainee of CEDECS in TCBL project

Mr CONTARGYRIS Yann (FR-GR), Master in Europe-China Business, worked for CEDECS in PASSAGE, Webtexpert, Netkite, TCBL and CreativeWear.

Mr GUARNIERI Paolo (IT), Electronic Engineer, is a Financial and Administrative Manager of EU projects, including TCBL project

Mr LYMPEREAS Panagiotis (GR), Ph.D. in Industrial & Business Studies M.Sc. in Analysis, Design & Management of Information Systems, Manager of the Hellenic Clothing Industry Association, actively involved in TCBL  

Mr MARSH Jesse (US), BA in Fine Arts Associate of CEDECS, was the Project Manager of TCBL project and is an active member of the Living Lab movement and ENoLL, proposing user-driven “co-design” approaches

Mr CONTARGYRIS Yann (FR-GR), Master in Europe-China Business, worked for CEDECS in PASSAGE, Webtexpert, Netkite, TCBL and CreativeWear.

Mr MOLINARI Francesco (IT), international researcher & policy advisor in R&D &innovation projects and programmes on Living Labs, eGovernment and Smart Cities, very actively involve in TCBL project.                  

Mrs THUREAU Frédérique (FR), MBA Business Management, MA Psychosociology, has worked with Kering and is a Marketing Consultant and Business advisor of SMEs in Fashion, actively involved in TCBL project

Mr VERMONT Jean Francois (FR), HEC, entrepreneur in ICT, Founder and Manager of PFLS (FR-Tunisia) is the General Manager of CEDECS, in charge of WINTEX (ERASMUS+) project

Mrs XHAFERI Rovena (Albania) is the wife of Besnik Mehmeti, who has worked in several projects in which CEDECS has participated (TEXMEDIN, CreativeMED, CreativeWear and TCBL)

Mr ZANOS Michalis (Cyprus), is a Cypriot entrepreneur who holds an MBA and a B.Sc. (Hons) in Accounting & Economics and is specialised in Regional Development projects and in CSR. He has worked with CEDECS in SMILIES, CreativeMED and NETKITE projects.