WINTEX project

WINTEX project logo

WINTEX is an ERASMUS+ project. WINTEX stands for Weaving innovation among academia and industry in the Tunisian textile sector »

It started on January 15th 2020, ends in January 15th 2023.

Its leader is the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya which groups under it 12 partners.

What does the project do?

WINTEX fosters innovation and cooperation in Tunisian textile sector with transfer of knowledge from EU by enhancing the HEIs with advanced textiles’ centres and the creation of the Academia Textile Industry Council as catalysts of the action.

Why is it doing it?

Crossing the available information, the immediate conclusion is that T&C in Tunisia face two problems, which the project WINTEX wants to address:

– A problem of low added value products.

– A problem of competitiveness.  

Expected outputs?

Fostering of enterprise-university collaboration in Tunisia by the establishment of three advanced textiles’ centers at each participating HEI. Those will boost the collaboration among textile SMEs and the participating HEIs.